Michael L. Scheiner, M.D. -
Scheiner Medical Care

Uniquely situated in Fair Hill, MD at the MD/DE line just 
minutes from the University of Delaware.
In addition to comprehensive medical care, Dr. Scheiner 
also removes moles, skin tags, warts, and ingrown toenails.

Mon-Fri 10 AM -3 PM

Please call (410) 398-2288 to schedule an appointment.

You may also email your name, reason for an appointment, 
name of your insurance plan, and requested date & time of appointment to scheiner@scheinermedicine.com.

(Note: this email address is for appointment requests only.)

We accept patients with specific commercial health insurance plans as well as those not carrying health insurance. 

(410) 398-2288

5865 Telegraph Rd.
Fair Hill, MD 21921

 Se Habla Espanol.


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